Monday, March 03, 2008

Ice Mines Wins at Vancouver Festival

Last year Andreas Spak, Daniel Karlsson and a crew of characters went and climbed underground ice in Sweden. It was an insane trip for many reasons but also totally rewarding. We made a few cuts of the film for various TV programs (NBC, Discovery, Rush HD), but I was most happy with the film festival cut--that's the one we made for our friends in the outdoor world. I just received an email from the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, that film fest cut for "Best Canadian Mountaineering Film," yeah! Nice to see the hard work from Dave Brown, Ben Pritchard, Christian Pondella, Emerge Media (editing, graphics and general Gadd-wrangling as usual) and other friends recognized, especially here in Canada. So nice work team underground!

For those who haven't seen the film, we basically found the largest concentration of insane ice I've ever seen anywhere. Unfortunately, it's underground, dangerous to access/climb and in Sweden. But the future of ice climbing in a warming world is for sure dark!



Jane said...

Dear Will,

I saw Ice Mines last night in NYC at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. My outdoor adventures mostly consist of things like gardening, walking, sitting on the porch, so like many people, what you do for kicks is completely outside the realm of my experience. And, I'm kind of claustrophobic, so I did squirm a bit. But the film was fascinating and beautiful and truly hilarious. You guys are very funny while you're flirting with disaster. The film got a lot of laughs, a fair amount of gasps, and thunderous applause at the end. Thank you for showing me something new and extremely different.

Jane in NYC

Will Gadd said...

Thanks Jane! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, we mostly enjoyed the trip too.