Saturday, April 22, 2006

A good day to remember

A few weeks ago I was thinking about Spring, and it hit me that it's been a year since my friend Chris Muller died. I marked the date on my calendar not with a heavy heart but with a, "Hey, remember the good stuff" feeling. Today my calendar reminded me again, and the cold, snowy spring morning seemed to fit with the mood. I love seeing fresh snow, it always seems so hopeful and full of promise to me for some reason, and that's how I often felt around Chris.

So here's to Chris and my other friends and family who make life better! I'm going to go for a run in the snow, the sun's coming out, it's a good day to remember and celebrate both the soul-shaking glory and impenetrable darkness of life.

-April 22nd, a good day to remember.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back North

Busted out the drive from Moab to Canmore via Salt Lake City over the last couple of days. I like long drives, scenery passing by, a 10-hour drive is far better than a 10-hour flight.

The final two days in Moab were good fun, we had trashed our hands so thoroughly that we had to spend another day up in Mill Creek, a decent old-school sport area above Moab. It's supposed to be a secret 'cause, "if word gets out the whole world will show up!" Well, the whole world was already there plus their dogs and it was still fun. Mill Creek is a fun area but a bit aggressive on the fingertips--perfect for balancing crack pain out over the rest of the hands. I survived some brutal local sandbagging and had a great day out with a horde of people. I learned that one of the routes that beat me up was actually rated 12c/d, and that another "12a" I'd onsighted was 12c. The more I climb the more I laugh at grades, it's all a mess in any form of climbing. I'd like to be good enough to just climb whatever lines looked best and ignore the numbers, maybe by the fall I will be, although paragliding season is likely to turn me into a doughboy again...

The highlight of the last couple of days was a great run up above Moab in wild evening desert light. It was Jeep safari week while we were down there, I ran by a bunch of jeep heads beating hell out of their vehicles--that was a surreal contrast with the general silence and colours of the desert. Later they passed me as I did a yoga session in the dirt beside the road, I think I was more alien to them than they were to me--I can get my redneck on, but a guy in tights doing yoga in the dirt sure perplexed them.

Stopped by BD to check out new designs and gear, saw some very cool stuff. Just when I think everything is evolved as it's going to get it all changes... Kolin has been doing some research on used slings and biners, check this out. I like the fact that most of the people at BD are truly climbers--Kolin started doing this to check his own safety on used gear, good information.

Also stopped by Superfly, always good to see Chris, Jeff and the real mastermind, Beci. Greg and I started driving home in a raging snowstorm, fully 'pine conditions, then cruised into Canmore on a warm, sunny day. It was like Canmore was south of SLC and not the other way around.

Thanks to all the Canmorons and Moab locals who made the last ten days so much fun, great trip!!!