Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are we all Wusses?

Greg. T sent me this link, it's pretty interesting. The idea is that previous iterations of humans were a hell of a lot fitter than even the most fit among us today. Maybe we're all headed toward becoming the humans in that cinematic classic, Wall-E. They floated around on soft couches swilling their food, with no need to ever move...

I missed my usual Tuesday post as I've been fighting either a really bad cold or some form of Influenza A. Hard to tell which, maybe both, but mild fever, bad headache, cough, etc., it all reduced my mental and physical energy to basically nothing. Like no working out, first time I've missed the training program in weeks. But if I do have some version of the Flying Pig flu then it's best to not push it too much. Not that I feel like pushing it... But I'm up off the mat now, just chilling as much as anyone with a life and a two-year old can. May you avoid the seasonal plagues!



PS--I have been surfing the net some, this is a cool climbing video if you haven't already seen it. The Power of Youth!