Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cross-Country Paragliding Clinics in March, April and July

The schedule is coming together for a bit of a spring tour on the West coast. I've been teaching cross-country paragliding clinics for about ten years, it's a lot of fun and I always leave the courses excited to fly. I think I've become a far better pilot through these clinics; if you want to really understand something just try teaching it.

The clinics are two-day events, with a "get fired up to fly" show on the night of the first day. Each day starts with about two hours of discussion, then we go fly, then debrief in the evening. Just about anyone with the minimum of a basic PG license will get a lot out of the clinics. I help each participant develop a better "mental model" in his or her head for flying XC. The ideal mental model gives the longest possible flight on a given day with the least amount of unplanned risk. I start each clinic with a general overview of how the sky works, and how to stay in it, and then move to narrower and narrower topics until we're finally talking about how to modulate glider pressure on glide with the bar . I know these clinics work from the emails I receive from past participants--even years later. And I know they work because I'm a better pilot after every clinic too. Each clinic is planned around the people in the clinic; if one group wants more information on flight planning and one wants more on competing then I'll shift the focus around as desired.

I often get asked, "So when are you doing XC clinics? And how come I don't know about them?"

Here's the answer, hope to see a few people there! Please contact the schools directly to book a place in the clinics, I don't do the bookings. Do feel free to email me with any questions about course content or whatever, thanks.

April 5th-8th: two sessions with Jeff Greenbaum through Airtime. Clinics to be held toward Fresno. Contact info:

April 12-14: One session with Seattle's top school, Seattle Paragliding. Contact Info:

End of July: XC Clinic with Muller Windsports, Contact Info.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, hanging around with bird otherwise known as 'Yoda'. It wasn't until I clicked the picture to zoom in that I noticed the other paraglider in the frame to the eagle's right. What altitude was base that day? Where was it? Surreal photo....nice. Mark Tarrant.