Monday, March 14, 2011


A couple of years ago I had a great experience setting routes, climbing, soaking in hot springs and generally enjoying a great competition in Japan (Japan Cup). The trip was too short, but it left a hugely positive image of Japan and Japanese climbers in my head. I've been emailing and Facebooking with a few friends in Japan, my thoughts are really with them as the country reels.

I made a donation to the Red Cross in honour of my friends from the Japan Ice Cup, who showed me great hospitality and life. My best wishes to them, their families and friends in so difficult a time. I hope to see them in better times again!


Kiyo Koima said...

Thank you very much, Will-san!
Big earthquakes and following tunami hitted so bad north east Japan. So far, nearly 7,000 people died, more than 20,000 missing and 300,000 evacuated without enough water and food. Gunma (where we had Ice Climbing Fes) and Tokyo are far from the epicenter, so we had almost no damage. But now facing to fears of nuclear contaminaton.
Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed for us!!

VRCG said...

Hi Will, I'm Joe. Me and some friends from the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group has started a facebook fundraising campaign for Japan called "Climbers Unite! $1-1Climb for Japan!". The goal is to unite climbers together, make a collective difference and donate (to any agencies they see fit). Our climbing group will host a few indoor climbing sessions. (People can host their own events or climb with their friends). Right now, we have really good momentum in Vancouver. I'm thinking maybe people in Canmore would like to participate too, possibly doing some laps in ice?

Anonymous said...

hi will, ed here in japan, just saw your post after a week in the tsunami areas getting supplies in and locating missing people.

its wild out there. numbers have topped the death toll from the kobe quake in 95.
ive spent a few days now in iwate and heading back in tuesday.
imagine hiroshima caused by water.

words dont convey it - try imagining buses upside down on roof tops, 40m fishing boats 300m from the waters edge, railway lines twisted like printer ribbon, millions of tonnes of debris that includes roofs, cars, 7-11s and wharves twisted together and compressed.

then imagine 250,000 people without homes in subzero temps, 10,000 unaccounted for, rooms full of unidentified bodies, dozens of familes wandering the streets holding hands wondering where their relatives are, people staring at station wagons stuck in 5th floor windows.

sure theres the reactor thing, but thats a media story. i personally have been watching a geiger counter during several trips thru the red zone and unless your 100m away or the thing blows, theres nothing to worry about. my readings coincide with the govt releases.

everyone sitting on their hands watching the reactor is taking focus from the right now trauma of tens of thousands.

and japans japan. many foreigners have fled, but i love this country and am staying to help.
despite the carnage theres no looting, no violence, no martial law, no gang control.
the police and military are spared wasting time on holliganism and can be out there doing whats needed.

we will get thru this.

Will Gadd said...

Kiyo-san, thank you so much for taking the time to write. I am thinking of Gunma often, and of all the great people there. My fingers are absolutely crossed, and I hope to do more than that! A big smile and best wishes to everyone. Please email me directly if I can do anything at all.

Ed--I've been thinking of you often as well, you are one resourceful guy. If I can do anything to help your efforts let me know right away. Very useful information that your readings match the official readings also. Seriously, anything I can organize from here would be a pleasure.

VRCG--Facebook or email me, I'd like to help out with that effort, good one!

Great to see some positive energy coming out of a difficult time, you're all heroes.