Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Helmcken Falls Workout

If you have a Plice that you can tilt the following workout is pretty darn fun. All laps start with the heads of your tools 48 inches off the ground or less, butt, one pullup with a lock at the top. This is roughly the same amount of effort required to climb the five pitches we've done so far at Helmcken. And we're heading back today to try and get higher...

Helmcken Falls Workout

Approach: 50 squats with a 1/4 bodyweight PACK, 50 push press w/ 1/4 bodyweight, deadlift 1/2 bodyweight 50 times. Now yer warm, loose and have a slight pump in your forearms.

Chop wood for five minutes, wheelbarrow and stack. (substitute row 500M if you don't have wood to chop. No rower, ground to rack clean the deadlift bar 20 times).

Pitch One:

-6x 30 degree Plice, full solid lockoffs every reach for first three laps.

-20 Knees to Elbows.

Chop Wood for five minutes.

Pitch Two:

-2x 45 Plice, two figure 4s per side per up lap.

-10 KE

Chop wood for five minutes

Pitch Three (continuous)

-1 x45 Plice all campus

-1x45 Plice all Figure Fours

-1x45 Plice.

-20 Front levers to best of ability, done straight through.

Chop wood Ten minutes

Pitch 4

6x30 plice, campus first lap.

20 KE

Chop wood ten minutes.

Pitch 5

4X30 Plice with a 20 Lb Pack.

20 negative Front Levers.

Hike Out:

Finish chopping wood for 15 minutes.

That'll be all.


i.s. said...

like it.

whats a negative front lever tho?

Kim Graves said...

LOL. Maybe I shouldn't get rid of my squat rack after all. AND what is a negative front lever?

Will Gadd said...


Or some version of this. I like to get my whole body lined up but upside with the ring straps (or hips touching a bar), and slowly, slowly, rotate. So, head toward the ground to start, whole body straight, rotate slowly around your shoulders until you are hanging straight armed with your feet down like "normal." Fun!