Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick one

I love this time of year: Climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, running, paragliding even skiing are all right out the door, and here in Canmore we have at least 16 hours of daylight to get after it! So good. I'm finally feeling totally healthy again after having my knee drained (bursitis left over from the winter), so it's been a recreation festival around here in the sumer solstice sun, yeah!

It's also been a time of a lot of work, including trying to understand the Lama/Patagonia trip. I've now spoken or emailed with pretty much everyone involved, and will write something up on that either in the next two days or while on the plane to New Zealand on Wednesday (stoked for that too, ice climbing in summer!). I think I have an inkling of what went wrong, and also some questions about the human psyche as always.

Finally, here's some humor for you. Kim competed in the Crossfit Sectionals/Regionals, they made a little vid out of that. Her coach too.

Have a great long day out in the sun!


PS--photo credit to my dad, he was in charge of logistics when we did a cool river link up day on the front range here (Sheep, Elbow, Cataract) in day, super fun!


Reedster said...

Tried to check out the article. Apparently you need to subscribe to their magazine to see it. If I'm missing something please let me know.

And good job to Kim with the Crossfit.

Will Gadd said...

Hi Reedster, the link should go to a free preview clip now, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your dad is funny!

Miles said...

Hope you have an awesome time in NZ Will! Stoked to hear you're coming here. Make sure you get out to Homer Hut in the Darran mountains while you're over (if anything's in condition :p)

Anonymous said...

Where is the Lama-post?
I hope your too busy climbing :)
Have a good time in NZ

Will Gadd said...

Thanks Miles, went for a Cessna scouting mission posing as flight training yesterday, AMAZING place!

B, have a rough draft, just need to finish it out, soon, and yes I'm going climbing and recreating way too much here in NZ, it's the truth!