Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some video fun

Here's a little video sports action of the Endless Ascent effort, shot by my friend Scott Milton. Memories, memories! Nice work Scott and team Arc. There are a whole whack of linked videos if you open the video directly on Youtube to.

I'm looking out the window on Norway, where an epic season is in progress. Jetlagged, over-traveled but still STOKED to get it on!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the previous poster is highly literate in naughty Japanese words, although even Google Translate was confused by a few..

Will Gadd said...

Anon, I'll take your word for it, just canned it, thanks.

senan_griffin said...

DUDE!!! You are a huge inspiration! You did something really cool here and should be suuper proud of yourself. Climbing is normally a self-serving pursuit but this is the exact opposite. If I ever catch you out on the ice I've got a huge handshake waiting for you. Good luck with the rest of the season. If you're in Norway as well you should check out fjellkysten at the end of february. They've put together a ice climbing festival for us ice fanatics.

Check it out!


Chris Graham said...

Absolutely awesome!!! Well done Will...amazing.

Dannie said...

Wicked, dude! That was absolutely awesome!!!