Saturday, January 09, 2010

No More Training

In two and a half hours I'm going over the edge of the canyon at the Ouray Ice Park. In the 24 hours after that I'm going to climb out as many times as I can, belayed by 24 great people, helped by dozens more, and motivated by all of you who have made a donation to the dZi foundation, sent encouraging words, and just plain old been enthusiastic. Thanks!

We think we've sorted a live web cam on the site so you can follow along with the battle. There's a functioning donation button there even if you're Canadian (postal codes threw it for a loop initially).

I just finished a huge breakfast after an early breakfast. Calories in, effort out. Here we go!!


Ian said...


Pootsie said...
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Pootsie said...
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Pootsie said...

Keep on climbing Will! There's a greasy burger waiting for you at the end! Thinking about my wild and crazy, freak-of-nature nephew

Anonymous said...


It was brilliant to be following your punch on the web.

So thank you. Dudes pushing the limits and giving back some of it reminds me what living ought to be about.


John Box said...

My computer wouldn't get the webcam working. What was the total, can anyone who paid attention give me an update?

No matter what, way to go Will.

John Box said...

Holy shit. If the posts on are true Will did 28,000 vertical feet of ice climb. Is that more than twice his goal?