Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Training Thoughts #1

" The need for specificity is nearly completely met by regular practice and training within the sport not in the strength and conditioning environment."

-Greg Glassman, Crossfit guy, long interview here.

That's an interesting quote from the man behind Crossfit, which is, for those who aren't aware of it, a sort of physical self-torture program that claims to be all things to all people (yeah, I'm being a bit sarcastic). The more I play with Crossfit the more I realize that their training ideas both contrast sharply with my own training over the years and also meet it in places. For example, I have always trained as intensely as I can. I've bitched about the lack of intensity I see in training on past blog posts. I've always tended to train with "super sets." Doing combined sets of exercises just made sense to me, it's how my sports work. I don't do a pullup then rest on a climb, I do a pullup then a row movement then a leg press etc.

But I've never even thought about doing a deadlift--that shit hurts your back, right? So why I am so damn stoked to have deadlifted 265 (that's about like doing five pullups for those who don't know the weight. Maybe three pullups...). Why does my back feel better than it has in years? Why do I feel good physically despite all my nagging injuries?

Something interesting is happening.


John said...

Your back feels better because you are strengthening it... the deadlift will only hurt your back if you do it wrong (form) or over reach too far.

Xfit is a great foundational program that ensures all of us keep a healthy base and corrects those overuse issues we all see with too much climbing.

That said it is by no means a replacement to your sport specific training (way too many xfitters think they can just xfit and be fine at there chosen sport) and as the season approaches (and it is!) one needs to spend less time xfitting and more time sport specific training.

Will Gadd said...

Yeah John, bit of a rhetorical, slightly sarcastic and obscure question on my part, grin... Looks like Xfit is working for you, nice deadlift!

Yes on the sport-specific commentary, per Glassman's quote. If I only had four hours a week a to train for climbing then I'd be a far better climber with four hours of climbing than four of Xfit. More on this in the next random thoughts.