Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water: Best Invention Ever!

Water is the best invention ever. We really, really need it. Pure, fresh, water. But it's not a given. I always start thinking about water quality when I kayak. I'm in the water, drinking it whether I want to or not. We ran the Skookumchuck over in BC on the weekend, and it's a great river--seemingly crystal clean, beautiful granite boulders, fast, super fun run with a good crew. Not so "rad" but an all-time great river. The take-out is right beside some huge plywood factory or something. I have nothing against plywood really, I use it regularly for what passes as renovations around here, but seeing such a huge industrial facility so close to a river made me wonder. Maybe the plant does nothing to the river. Maybe it does. I think I need plywood. I've probably bought plywood from that plant. We are all hypocrites from an environmental perspective, but it's these little juxtapositions that make me think. Like pumping gas in the middle of winter to drive 1000K to go ice climbing on a climb that hasn't frozen recently, maybe due to global warming... Hmmmm.... Pump those dinosaurs man!

I like clean water. No real point to this post, just running a pristine river and then seeing industry made me think a bit. Not too much, I'm a pro athlete and all, but a little bit... Might look into some water quality issues.

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