Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ice Climbing on Discovery

My friends Scott Simper, EJ Plimley, and I shot some video when we climbed Hunlen Falls in Tweedsmuir provincial park. Discovery's Daily Planet decided to do a six-minute piece with the footage. I selected some footage and sent it over, they cut a really nice six-minute piece--click here to check it out!

Doing climbing shows for television can be a risky business; there are a few small liberties taken with the footage and climbing, but overall I'm really happy with it as I think it shows the experience we had accurately--fun, a little dangerous, and in an amazing place with good people! Thanks to the crew at Discovery for doing a good job with a subject I really care about it.



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tom said...

Nice video. I agree that it is always a little risky to allow TV producers into your world. Inevitably you have to hand over some control and then you then just have to hope that they don't make you or what you love look bad. I am often in that same position with the TV world and it is a delicate balance for sure. It can be a great way to create more context for incredible adventures. It also introduces loads of folks to a reality that they certainly wouldn't experience otherwise. Hopefully they get to learn something. Then there are guys like me who just wish there was still some ice around here to claw my way up. Discovery are certainly some of the better folks to work with and I think they did a really good job here. Thanks for the link and the morning armchair adventure.


Anonymous said...

Agreed Tom, they did a very good job of that and Will is always entertaining to watch.

Gordon McArthur said...

that was super cool. Glad you guys got that.