Monday, February 23, 2009

Hunlen Photos

Hunlen Falls: 280M, 5.9 A2* Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, BC.
Will Gadd and EJ Plimley, with help from David Dornian, Andrew Querner, Scott Simper and Christian Pondella.
*5.9 A2 is the standard Canadian Rockies grade for any climb. How the hell do you even begin to grade something like this? It just makes no sense with traditional ice, rock or M grades. Maybe 5.10 A2, it was kinda hard.

Still haven't had time to write about the rig, but here are a couple of Christian Pondella photos:


Luca l'Alpinauta said...

great ice fall!

hasan said...

Hello Will, Congratulations on your success. I Just read about your climbing ascent on website.

Steve Edwards said...

Hey Will,

Glad I ran across this site. Great stuff, so I gave you a shout out on my blog. Hope all is well. Things sound well. Good to see you're not slowing down. Getting old is for boring people.