Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Long Walk

I just did the second biggest travel and walk to a non-existent climb I've ever done. The all-time record for hours of travel vs. hours of not climbing was on a route in Nepal, but the trip up north over the last week was pretty close in terms of travel time (16 hours of driving) walking (three days) and amount of climbable ice (very little). But it was still a great trip, and we're thinking of heading back in later this year if the temperatures remain cold. It was really nice to get out into the woods for a week, even if camping at -25 is a little chilly. There's just something fundamentally satisfying about living out of a pack for days at a time, and sleeping like a log every night from the day's efforts. We saw no people at all where we were, and I don't think many people ever go in there during winter. I hope to get back. And no, I can't tell you where this non-frozen route is... But it sure would be cool if it ever froze up properly! Thanks to the team who went on the trip, great fun despite the lack of ice.

I have two other big projects on the go for this winter. I've decided to focus on finding big new water ice first ascents for the rest of the season. These are generally a long walk from the road, but I've done everything I want to close to a road so GAME ON!



Anonymous said...

You're such a tease :)

Gordon McArthur said...

hey man, sorry about your line not being in. I'm in Ouray at the moment...but if you're still keen, we should plan out the Flathead. I'll be home on Monday.

Hope all is good.

drop me a line at "gord@machavok.com"

Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Just the fact it was a 16 hour drive tells a lot about where it is... somewhere near Toad River?

Will Gadd said...

Nowhere near Toad River, or at least I don't know where toad river is...

We're maybe going back. Maybe. It's hard to let go of something like this, but the water levels would have to really drop and the cold continue. Yep, I'm a tease, grin... The warm temperatures of late probably haven't helped.

Olin said...

Ahhh so a high flow thing eh?, yep those are always the most alluring. Well I hope you knock off those big projects and can make time for another. I emailed you some info, tried the phone but it didn't work. Have fun on those outliers.