Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been out wandering a bit in search of new ice, but not much success. Normally this time of year I'm climbing a fair amount, but there isn't all that much ice in at the moment, or at least ice I haven't climbed. I'm always up for climbing just about anything, but given a choice I'd rather wander the woods in search of something new than climb something I already have. So more wandering will take place!

Training: Good gym sessions. Spoga, offset pulls, bouldering, lots of laps up and down the wall locking off on every hold and reaching up, some front lever training. It's going.

I hope it's game on wherever you are!

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Gordon McArthur said...

everything is bone dry around here. Thank goodness for my gym otherwise i'd be totally hooped. Thinkin' about goin to the trophey wall this comin' weekend.

hope you're not stuck behind your desk too much ;)