Saturday, November 08, 2008

Walking in the woods

Yesterday I went for an all-time fugly walk in the woods. We went the wrong way repeatedly, mired ourselves deep in the debris of an overgrown logging slash, fell down, groveled, cursed and were rewarded at the end of this experience by not finding any ice to climb. But you know what? It was a pretty good day of it. This is what's funny about climbing; you can not climb anything and still have a good day. If I'm working in the office and, say, the video editing system implodes it can ruin my entire day. But I can sweat and grovel for three or four hours in the mountains and it's pretty fun. This just confirms my basic idea that office work is evil.

The day did end well when I scored a bigger chainsaw in good condition for a fair price. This things should wail through the bigger logs with aplomb (can you use a word like that to describe a chainsaw?). I had a dream last night that I used it to quarry a huge cave in my back yard, it was going through solid rock like butter. This is likely a man dream that women will not relate to, but I was stoked, sad to wake up and find out it wasn't true. My backyard is cobbles for at least a hundred feet of depth anyhow.

Training: See above, with some time spent hanging by the tools in the garage. Getting stronger!


Anonymous said...


be careful with the big rig! I once saw a big saw kick back and go half way through a friends knee cap- Ugly!!! Have fun with the new found power!



Anonymous said...

Hi Will
Just a great article in the Dec. '08 issue of Outside mag. and thought of you. You probably know these guy and what they did. Very cool. Article is called "Psychedelic First". Written by Matt Samet. Great climbing story!!
James Bender

Will Gadd said...

I'll check the Outside out, apparently an article about my old walking/debate partner Mark Twight in there as well. Samet writes some good stuff.

Dale--the saw rips. Unfortunately the chain was only slightly duller than the average kitchen knife, had at it last night, we'll see how it goes today...


JD LeBlanc said...

Dude, i can't beieve you are cutting trees? what's happened? are you de-foresting or is is ok 'cause you live in canmore ...
Next thing you'll be bolting routes on Yam without permission from the old trad crew.
better get your game on 'cause i hear the Raphster's been in the closet again ...
wish i could come out of the closet like that - i just get in trouble and run back in.