Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Use Fedex, not UPS

I ship a lot of stuff back and forth to the US and around the world. I've just had the most incredible go-around with UPS, and still don't have some parts that were overnighted from Utah more than a week ago. The parts made it from Utah through Canadian customs in about 24 hours, then spent two days sitting on the ground while UPS's private contractor tried to figure out how to get a box across town in Nanaimo. They couldn't figure that out for more than 48 hours despite the "super priority" shipment status. I left town before they could figure it out, and called UPS three times to get the box forwarded to Canmore. Unfortunately they couldn't even tell me where it was until today. Yep, Nanaimo. UPS promises delivery tomorrow, we'll see. I really like my local UPS guy here in Canmore, but as far as actually delivering a package on time, well, UPS is not going to get any more of my business, and I'll urge everyone I work with to use Fedex, DHL, Purolator, donkey express or anyone but UPS. Fedex normally gets my packages back and forth to the US in well under 48 hours. UPS sucks.

Back to your mountain sports blog now.



hollow bones said...

I'll blast a few rounds at the UPS truck in your honor the next time it goes past my house.
How the fuck are you? it's been a while.

Will Gadd said...

Graaaaaaaa! Thanks Mitch. Package still not here.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I have come to expect problems when UPS is involved.

Anonymous said...

UPS ground is fantastic - it's money back if they don't deliver in 3 days. Never had to pay for it, because they never do!