Friday, May 09, 2008

Spring Snow, knee

I've been outside climbing a bunch--perfect spring days, nice temps, loving it. And then it started to rain on Tuesday or so, still OK just not great conditions. Yesterday I woke up to a couple of inches of snow, no big deal, but climbing plans went indoors. Around 2:00 I shoveled things out, about a foot of snow on the ground, and I figured the storm was done. It started snowing again in the late afternoon. By the time I'd done the gym session and hit the grocery store the snow was so deep that I had a hard time opening the car door in my already-shoveled driveway. I took the photo last night late just because the snow was so cool to see, this spring storms are just wild.

Last Tuesday I managed to get in and see an orthopod about the MRI of my knee. It's been really bothering me for about six months, but I kept thinking I could fix it... Finally gave up on that idea, it's FUBAR, torn meniscus, so off to surgery sometime later this summer. I intend to rock climb, kayak, mountain bike and fly my brains out until then, I just can't walk really far or run. Not a big deal really, just switch the games up and get after it in a new way. But nice to know what's wrong and how to hopefully FIX it. The rest of my body feels great, getting stronger and loving it!

happy spring!



Anonymous said...

Hi Will
Have you ever seen a certified Rolfiist for some pt?
Pam has been getting some for along time now and it has really made a big difference. I've been getting some since we married and is both restorative for major and minor injury as well as general balance and well being. Is this your first surgery for wear and tear on your joints? As hard as you have been at it I am surprised if it is. If you are planning on the surgery getting some Rolfing before can also be benificial. Hope it goes well my canukistani friend, James & Pam

Butch said...

Obviously it was the extreme yoga that did it ;-) Seriously good luck and get better.

Will Gadd said...

Thanks Anon, I haven't been Rolfed but am definitely considering going that route.

First surgery, so not doing too bad for a high-mileage guy.

Thanks James, hi to Pam, see you at Chelan this year!

Butch, I'm still doing my Yoga most days, not so extreme but good enough, thanks for the wishes.