Friday, December 07, 2007

MEC pulls Nalgene Bottles

About a month ago I got rid of my epic collection of hard plastic Nalgene bottles. I'd read enough stories suggesting that they likely weren't all that good for me or my family. MEC just did the same thing...

The risk of developing fatal cancer (or breasts or whatever) from these bottles is probably pretty low. But we've got so many "minor" nasty things in our environment today that I'm trying to cut out the "easy" potential problems such as these bottles.

We're all obviously gonna die, I'd just prefer to die while reasonably healthy and from something other than a lingering nasty health issue if I can...

A few other links:

Utah Story

Blog story, good

Wiki article If babies can reach 13 µg/kg/day, and research in mice suggests exposure of 0.025µg/kg/day can cause serious issues (see article), well, I don't think I wanna be drinking out of these bottles when there are good alternatives...


Ben Miller said...

I'm not sure how critical a problem this Bisephenol-A thing is, but luckily there are a lot of great alternatives and no reason to take any chances.

1. Guyot Designs Stainless steal bottles. Classy, indestructable, and the only thing better to store liquids in than stainless steel is glass or titanium.

2. Nalgen HDPE bottles, these are the original bottles that Nalgene made. Different plastic. More translucent than transparent.

3. Camelback just came out with some new transparent Bisephenol-A free bottles.

Anonymous said...

what the hell are we supposed transport water in now.
Oh wait we have to all buy the new wave of containers.
Give me a fucken break.
Do not forget to go to the hospital when you get a scratch.