Thursday, July 19, 2007


We loaded up the "outfit" and headed out to Squamish via Golden last week. We're here for the Squamish Mountain Festival, which has been rocking all week. Last night was a photo shootout with four good photogs followed by a DJ throw down at the Howe Sound Inn, good times although I was worked and checked out early. The weather here is of course shite at the moment, but the kayaking has been great. If I can't climb I can at least boat...

On Tuesday night I ran the Upper Cheakamus with local Steve and Becky from the 'Stoke, the river was pumping (2.95 or something on the gauge, about as high as it's been this year?), which meant a fast trip. Steve gave us a great "Paddle right, avoid the huge hole, paddle left, avoid the hole, paddle through the hole" tour, no scouting on the run, just blasting down through some huge waves and holes, super fun. I haven't paddled a hammering river like that in about ten years, felt good. Paddled an H3 for the first time, it was a bit big for me but dealt well, bit hard to turn.

Wednesday morning saw us walking to the put-in for the Seymour, a cool canyon I've always wanted to run. The water was really low (big change from the Cheak), but John, Derek, Becky and I bounced through the canyon anyhow, very low-volume boating but super fun, that's just an amazing run so close to downtown Vancouver. Paddled a Crux, nice boat, like the way it turns and boofs, bit easier than the H3 but also very different water...Then it was off for a TV interview, back to Squish, Mountain Fest, good fun...

The weather is rainy, cloudy, cool and not really sorted for flying or climbing, but it's also beautiful in its own way, the soft mist and rain very different from Alberta "normals." Lots to do here in the rain too, more kayaking to come I think, loving it!

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