Monday, June 04, 2007

Golden Flying

The flying in Golden has been really, really good. I wrote a little and posted some photos on Gravsports.

I also figured out how to make a Google Earth file of the GPS log, if you have Google earth you can download the file at the bottom of the page linked above.

Great weather here in the Rockies!



Anonymous said...

Hey Will,

What a fantastic photo! Can you post some more? We popped up Mt. 7 today to take in the view and very nice it was too.

All the best,


Golden, BC.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have been looking up on the Internet and I have found some tools which are really cools to monitor the positioning of the competition, as well as seeing their tips and tricks. If you are interested, I advised to you have a look. It seems they are free:

Unknown said...

Hey Will! That Google Earth track you made is awesome! Perhaps you could create a Google Earth package of all your flights! I love how it shows the exact track including the altitude. If you don't have time I would be willing to give it a try.

Keep in touch,
Your cuz, Jeremy