Tuesday, March 13, 2007


After years of access issues we finally have an opportunity to secure access to one of the best climbing areas in North America, Skaha Bluffs. All we need is a million dollars--not really so much in today's world. I'm going to pitch in $100 now and more when I have it--that's barely more than a lift ticket, and I've definitely had a lot more than $100 of fun at Skaha over the years. If every climber who has visited Skaha throws in $100 we'll get to that million mark relatively quickly. I know some of you don't have $100 and some of you have a lot more, whatever works, if we can get this done it will be a good thing. Just think of it as a "pump appreciation donation," grin... Spring climbing season is already on in Skaha!



JD LeBlanc said...

OK, A million is still a million. Think of it this way. At Bataan around a fire, the youngsters were complaining about food prices. Climbers typically have no money and those that do, do not like to spend it and they really don't like to give it to those who aren't interested in making money, just hanging ...

My guess is you may get 100 people to donate $1K each and maybe 1000 to donate $20. So "we" have 120K. better than nothing, but still a ways from $1M. We really need the industry companies and REI/MEC to step in. Just because it's in Canada does not mean that the USA retaillers do not get $ out of it. BDEL, Petzl, Metolius, Patagonia, ORGear, Cloudveil, La Sportiva, Five Ten, Mad Rock, Boreal ...

But we as Canadians and Western Canadians need to take care of our resources - we need Skaha.

I would like to know where the parcel of land is - not simply section 18? If "we" own the propery will we be able to set up camping? toilets? some better set up for a cleaner area. Will we be able to have onsite caretaker/attendant? how much for insurance? will we be paying tax on the property?

I've got no real problems donating funds to a good cause - but i would like to get a better set up for our efforts by turning it into not just a parking area with access, but a bonafide place for climbers to be, and one that works with the area it's in. Meaning that noise levels and care must be adhered to. Think of La Palud, or Les Cedres or Lago Linda's Hideaway or Smith Rock State park even.

Hope this makes some sense.

Will Gadd said...

Thanks JD, the link should tell you all about the land and the "deal," agreed that some industry support is needed to make this work, good point.