Monday, March 05, 2007

Blowing in the wind

This morning the clouds were going overhead at speeds well above what a paraglider might hope to accomplish, but up the hill we went. This was actually a good call, we're here to fly. But conditions on launch were marginal at best, with a very low but extensive base and enough wind to make things interesting. Maurer went and flew for "fun," and amused us all with various tricks. The guy has some damn fine wing control, and the confidence to make use of it--he gave an impressive demonstration of stalling about on a high-aspect comp wing at low altitudes and some other tricks, then hopped on the bar and blasted away from launch. I don't think I would have felt happy about being on the bar in those choppy conditions, but Maurer made it look smooth, even the collapsing parts.

The highlight of the day was finding a local church group on top of the hill with an insane amount of baked goods, which we did our best to eat while listening to good local stories. I really like the scene here, it's pretty "real."

The weather for the next three days looks pretty good if the wind stops blowing. Hopefully not too much Vegemite will be eaten...

Thanks to all those who posted info and suggestions in the comments pages, yeah!




Anonymous said...

As was explained to me by John Scharffenberger - amazing chocolatier - Europeans don't like peanut butter because it tastes like rancid hazelnuts to them. He had made some peanut butter cups for some Swiss customers and they all but spit them out. I will bring Scharffenberger chocolate up in a couple of weeks and if you want to eat it with peanut butter, that is entirely up to you :). I will not be consuming Vegemite no matter what. - mg

sparky said...

Marmite has a bigger bite than Vegemite, but goes with peanut butter really well. :-))

hang in there and enjoy the rest of the comp.

Bernard said...

At least with the wind, there is no chance of eating Vegemite. But I think that you would rather take your chances than sit around getting fat on baked goods.

Really shitty that the weather isn't working out for you guys. Must be a first for Oz.

Smint said...

Jeesuus boys.. You are in soaking wet stream ! And I don't know if this 'sky ocean' is going do dry up 'til Friday. Well, I don't know who has a bigger balls there, but.. chick is going to beet you :)) What now ? This is gona be 'girls sport' !?!? If I'm was in your place I would kneel and kiss her tows and then bite her for her ass !!

.. don't tell me that it's cute too !?))

Grrreetings !!

Marc said...


Thanks for all the rope info. You are welcome to your opinion of Bush, but in my eyes, he and his band of Neocons have as much if not more in common with the Trotskytites than the Fascists. One things is for sure: he is by no measure a conservative.

Marc B.