Sunday, February 25, 2007


After an insane week of flying, the best I've had in many years, the weather turned just in time for the first day of the World Championships. The development was big as we rigged up on launch, and a few of the wind dummies were getting parked up in high winds over launch. Hmmmm.... I decided to keep my flight clothes off and hang out in the shade. Five minutes before the launch window there were relatively few pilots in the launch lines and even fewer on launch actually ready to go. Keith was dressed and ready to go when they cancelled the day, and expressed his displeasure. I noticed that many of the older pilots hadn't even got their gliders out... The wind went ballastic as we drove down, so a good decision.

Yesterday afternoon we were treated to an absolutely insane thunder storm--one of our tents was floating. This morning Bill and I had a run in the cool conditions, pretty nice to actually feel slightly cool on the morning run. Conditions today look wet, we'll see if they send us up the hill or not. I'm still worked from the last week of flying, these rest days are nice. There's a surprising amount to do here even on non-flying days--yesterday I spent the afternoon tweaking my risers with Seoung from the Gin team and a bunch of other stuff. Today I'll update the Gravsports web site for ice conditions, sorry to be late on that, had some other writing etc. to get done.



Unknown said...

I also deflower my Omega 7 last Saturday. Turquoise is beautiful color, but wing behaves totally different than orange !? Later, a realize that this was 10kg ago ;)
Careful with Boom 5. I'w heard that this ting can fly faster than your guardian angel :))

Ausy weather remind me of any typical CRO/SLO competition. Beautiful until day before..
Have fun, you all are in great place in just the write time.
Cumulus highway must bee amazing after those rains !

Fly high !

Unknown said...

You probably know bu here some interesting sat pics:

You just adjust the settings and click the desiered coordinate.