Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ouray Results

My girlfriend, Kim is down in Ouray judging and teaching clinics, it sounds like it's the usual fun time, wish I were there! Injuries suck.

Anyhow, the results are up on the web. I was happy to see my bud Evegeny win (not super surprising, he's a strong guy!), and also very happy to see Audrey Gariepy take second overall. Audrey is a very strong young Quebec climber--she is also a she, grin, so fantastic result for her! Rich Marshall was third overall, striking a solid blow for all climbers on the dark side of 40, nice work Rich!


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Anonymous said...

can feel with you, I was hung up with family this WE, would have been fun.BTW, have to ask you for some beta for Vail, I'll be down there in early February. chris