Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Elbow, Climate Change

Well, there's been a change in treatment on the elbow. I had some deep Active Release Therapy done last week and am going in today and Friday for more. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about different elbow treatments, I'm trying the ART route. My elbow was pretty sore over the weekend, but feels different today--less sharp pain, more just sore. I'm hoping different is good, I'll write more about this as it progresses. I'm getting the work done in Calgary, thanks very much to Keith and now James at Adjust Your Health for organizing the sessions. One thing I'm very happy with is the knowledge base James has--he can isolate tendons and muscles in a way I've never seen/felt before, and communicate what he's doing. After a fair amount of ultrasound and other treatments I'm a bit skeptical on the whole treatment program, so I'll withhold judgement until I see results, but something is different for sure.

Here's an interesting article on what affect jet and other pollution is having on our atmosphere. Nine Eleven took all the jet traffic out of the sky in North America for three-five days, these guys did some interesting research that's counter-intuitive..

The interesting part is that particulate in the air from jets and other pollution has been causing "Global Dimming," or reducing the amount of sunlight that hits the ground. At the same time there has been "Global Warming," which is primarily caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The wild thing is that "Global Dimming" may have been dramatically reducing the effects of the carbon dioxide and global warming; if we get better at reducing particulate in the air then global warming may accelerate like crazy... The last third of the article is the most interesting. I'm not convinced that the models of global warming are "accurate," but I am convinced that throwing truly massive amounts of new variables into the atmosphere is a really bad idea. I look at it like a very old bridge that no one really knows the strength of--it might be fine with massive semi-trailers driving across it, or might not, but testing the theory with buses full of school kids first probably isn't such a good idea. In my experience, messing with the natural world is pretty much guaranteed to produce some sort of result, but maybe not the one we predicted. Dams to do flood control for farmland do indeed stop floods, but also end up dramatically increasing the salt concentrations on the un-washed lands downstream... There is no doubt that humans are messing with the atmosphere on a scale never seen before, the question is what' going to happen. I'm pretty sure we'll be living in interesting times climatically within the next 20 years or so, I just don't know what form of interesting it's going to be.




hasan said...

hi will
hope your elbow gets 100%, best of health to you.

i read the article in rock-ice magazine current issue about mixed climbing. i hope it stays alive out there, its a lot of fun. the moves in mixed are really cool :)


Neil Cowburn said...

If you've got 50 minutes to spare, then you can watch the BBC documentary on Global Dimming over on Google Video.


Will Gadd said...

Thanks Hasan, and I'll give that vid a review too.