Thursday, November 09, 2006

Aweberg wins Banff Festival Award

Finally back at home after the film festival and participating in the film maker's seminar. The festival went really well, good fun, and the latest film we made, Aweberg, won a special jury award. The award reads, "This short film represents in a microcosm the spectacular, the audacious, and the pure play that is at the essence of mountain sports." Thanks very much to the Banff Festival Jury for that, and thanks to everyone who worked on the film as well, it was a pleasure. I just accepted the award--any award for a film is definitely for everyone on the trip, a film doesn't happen without a lot of people working really hard. Thanks. (A few people wrote asking if they could buy Aweberg--you can buy a pre-commercial DVD here).

The day we showed the film at Banff drew over 500 people, the biggest day-time show of the festival.

I saw a lot of great films at the festival and laid the kindling for several new film projects. The creative buzz is great.

I also took part in the film maker's seminar, an excellent four-day seminar with Richard Else and Keith Partridge, two of the UK's best film makers. They had some great insights on how to make better films, and the collection of seminar attendees was also very qualified. I learned a lot both from the Brits and the other people in the seminar, very worth the time although I'm now behind as usual on the mass of email etc...




Pete Dorr said...

Are you going to make the film downloadable ?

If so - where ?

Will Gadd said...

Hi Pete, no plans to make the film downloadable, the bandwidth is pretty high for a half-hour piece of video. I do have pre-release DVDs for sale though.



Brenden Ramsay said...

You gotta love the sound the bergs made... it's not the 'stick' sound that you get elsewhere. :)

If those pre-release DVD's are close to the final produce I would be interested in a copy. I guess e-mailing you sometime in the next bit would be the best way to get one. Look forward to watching it again!


Anonymous said...

How much are the DVD's and how can I get one?

Louise said...

I work at the Vermont Ski Museum in Stowe, VT and I would love to show this film at our film fest in the fall. Is it at all possible to get a license?