Friday, October 20, 2006

Yambushi Slides on Arc'teryx site

Cory Richards and I put together some slides and notes that Arc'teryx has put up on their site, looks nice!

I've been getting emails asking if the ice is forming, and the short answer is YES... I expect people are already out scraping away, nothing big in yet but it's starting for sure. After so much rock climbing it's strange to think it's going to be ice and mixed until at least March.

Training: a down cycle

After every big goal accomplished I generally lose all motivation and take a week off to recharge my batteries, so not much training or climbing The weather has been really poor here in the Canadian Rockies of late, plus I'm running some tendonitis in my left elbow from hauling on the route and a minor finguer injury, rest is required. I've been sitting in the office chair getting paper work done, editing video and just generally getting caught up on everything I didn't do while trying to finish off Yamabushi. Hey, the ofice isn't so bad sometimes... I have been doing a lot of Yoga and running some, the elbow is slowly improving, I hope to get out and climb tomorrow.


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