Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lung Crud

Not much to write, as I'm down with some sort of lung and sinus-filling disease, as are many of the crew that went to Ouray. Good luck to everyone competing in the first world cup of the year in Val D'Aone, that's a really fun comp, kind of wish I was there!

A small west-coast mag just ran a nice piece on the berging trip Ben and I did last spring, check it out.

This is also coolif you're into climbing, bondage or whatever with knots, thanks to Senor Stoltz for link.


Nothing useful. Drinking water. Not happy about it.

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Simon Carter said...

Hey Will!

I heard about your blog on Dougald's. Great to hear what you've been up to! Congratualtions on your recent achievements. Awesome to see you firing (well, when not crook of course - get well soon)! Love ya work mate!

Simon Carter