Monday, January 30, 2006

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Being sick all of last week and the week in Ouray has combined into a cluster of "get it done yesterday" stuff. I'm not climbing outside much right now and am starting to get a bit annoyed about it, but sometimes work has to come first. Writing, emailing, booking travel, wasting time on the internet, training, it all adds up to some full days right now. No complaints but I wish there was more time in the day sometimes, or that I didn't waste as much of it as I do. Whine whine enough.

The "Aweberg" ice berg climbing video is finally near completion, Martina and Graham down at Emerge have done a great job of what's become known as "Gadd-wrangling," or getting what they needs from me to do their jobs. I did a combination video/slide show Saturday night for the ACC Rocky Mountain Section meeting, thanks very much to everyone who came out for it. I showed the standard definition (it was all shot in HD, we've edited in SD) version of the Aweberg show there to a packed house, the feedback was really positive. It was encouraging to see the video with a group of people and listen to them as they took it in, Emerge has done a great job putting it together. I saw the near-final HD version today in Calgary, the video looks so much better in HD, plus with the final music and so on it's going to be a show everybody who worked on it can be proud of.




Rest and work, short Yoga session. Was going to train in the evening but got back from Calgary late and didn't, still felt sore from Saturday, some other excuses... I'll train harder tomorrow.

Stretching and a 45-minute run pre-slideshow, stress out about slideshow, do slideshow. Wasn't planning to do anything after the show but then Ben Firth got into a hockey mood and we ended up sprinting up and down the ice for an hour chasing the puck until they turned the lights off on us, hockey is such a wicked workout! I thought I had an OK shot until Firth showed me I didn't know jack about shooting a hockey puck...

Felt a little worked after yesterday's session at the Vsion but went and did it again. Felt much better (goes to show you never know how a workout is going to go until you do it, so do it), made progress on my "normal" boulder problem (the blue one in the corner, it's nasty for me right now), then did tool laps in the cave, including trying a new drytool route I set, it's nasty too. Finished out with front levers, handstand pushups and offset pullups, best workout I've had in a long time. I don't think I lost as much as I thought I did during the week in Ouray and the sick week after Ouray, but I didn't gain anything either, time to put the energy there and build.

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