Thursday, July 21, 2005

First post

I've been posting Blog-style writing for a long time, thought I'd make it easier for everyone to use by posting it here.

A lot of my old stuff is up at under the gadfly pages (link at right). If you check that site you'll see my web skills are weak, that's why this is here now.

On deck this week is the Willi Muller paragliding event over in Golden, BC, along with the Red Bull Psychosis. I'll be posting daily or near-daily commentary on that event as it progresses.

It's been one hell of a month, starting with the Canadian Paragliding Nationals (Canadian Champion, second overall, RESULTS) to an iceberg climbing trip in Labrador (check out FHM mag Sept 8), to the US Paragliding Nationals down in Chelan, WA (First, RESULTS).

So welcome to the page, hope people enjoy it!

Each day I'll also post my workout routine from the day before, whatever it was. Early summer is full-on paragliding season for me, so I tend to spend a lot of time flying and relatively little time working out, but I try to maintain some level of fitness through it all.

Yesterday's Workout: Canmore, Alberta

Rode the mountain bike for an hour on the Canmore bench with Kim, went to the Vsion and did one of my favorite standard off-season workouts: 100 pullups in sets of 20, 100 pushups in sets of 20, and 100 lying stomach things in sets of 20, for time. I got it done in 28 minutes but was tired and other excuses. You have to do 20 pullups before moving to pushups, same with pushups before doing the stomach cruncher mess...

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