Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Web Site

It's still a work in progress a little bit, but thanks to all the offers of help after my whining post about web design I ended up with some help: is now live again. You can actually order DVDs, books, email me, it all works. And one guy did it... A few people thought I was bitching about them personally in regards to other sites I'm working on; I wasn't, the problem was with Problem fixed. Thanks.

Machavok Creative did the work, we're trading some coaching and party favors to get it done. The coaching side of things is taking off these days. I think a lot of people know what to do, they just need some structure to help do it. I provide that structure and some insights from decades of doing a few sports at a decently high level. I really enjoy the process of helping people climb, fly or just move better in the mountains. I'm always thinking about this stuff myself, it's great to start sharing words and ideas with other people and make good progress together. I've been building "assignments" and analysis modules in the evenings, plus putting together a collection of various writings on physical and mental performance. There might be a new book in there...

The lousy spring has been great for getting office work done; now it's time to start going harder outside, at least as soon as the latest snow melts. Yesterday we had snow, but it was unlike any other snow I've ever seen. There were flakes the size of Pringles potato chips falling out of the sky like little parachutes. Amazing to think of all the vertical cycles those snowflakes must have gone through in the sky to build to that size. I had to go outside and have a direct look at the snowflakes; it wasn't easy to figure out their structure due to how warm it was, but I think they were accumulations of many snowflakes, more clumps than flakes. Anyhow, it was gorgeous as it came down even if I am cursing the very idea of snow at this point.