Thursday, August 04, 2005

Red Bull X Alps, I'm in Austria

I'm in Europe writing and otherwise reporting on the Red Bull X Alps, this link goes directly to my rantings, check it out--this is one crazy race across the length of the Alps. Mad travel to get here--Kim and I went from Calgary to New York City on the evening of August 1, did a guest appearance on ESPN's Cold Pizza (right after the guy who plays "Deuce Bigalow", a D-quality movie if there ever was one, but entertaining hanging out with him and his entourage in the back room) on the morning of Aug 2, then flew out that afternoon to Munich, arrived Aug. 3in the morning, took a train for a couple of hours, drove for a couple of hours, met up with the Red Bull media crew that evening, crazy three days of travel. It's now Thursday morning, feels like I've been gone a week already. My cell phone works here and I have to do on-line reports for the X Alps gig so I should have regular email. So far McDonald's is proving to have the most reliable WiFi, scary situation to work in but when you need net you need net...

Workouts: This morning I can barely remember the last few days of chaos, but Monday was a short run followed by pullup/pushup/situp suffer fest done as fast as possible, Tuesday was early a.m. yoga, TV show, 5X 5muscleups, 25 squats, 20 lying stomach things, 3X 10 dips, "typerwriter" pullups, weighted back extensions. In Gold's Gym, full New York city freak show but good session, ran around New York for 20 minutes too, that's another freak show. Wed. was sit in a planes, trains and automobiles... Still psyched that I managed to stuff it all into the scheudle, been mad.