Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Race Willi

This page has all the scores, plus some notes and links to various commentary and some photos.

Thanks to everyone who flew in the Willi, both HG and PG pilots, it was a lot of fun.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Race Willi Paragliding Comp

I've been in Golden running the Race Willi Paragliding competition, a five-day event held in conjunction with the Willi XC event. It's been a really fun five days, with four good competition days. Right now we're downloading the GPS tracks and scoring the last day, I'll put up a link when it's all done. I haven't run a meet in almost 10 years, this one was generally a pleasure thanks to the collective effort. Some competitions are high-stress, this one followed the Willi XC style of "Get it done, have fun, fly safe." Randy Parkin has run the Willi XC for the last few years, and as usual he cooked, flew, and generally kept things happening. Without the Willi XC the Race Willi would never have happened, nor been half as much fun. Where else can you get breakfast every morning, a couple of free dinners and two comps for under $100? Bill Hughes did all the scoring, Kim was co "meet head," it all worked out. We hope to run it next year, it was a good experience thanks to all the help we had frome everyone here.