Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Seasons are a'changing....

My friend dD has this theory that we "push" the seasons. In the fall, while it's still OK for rock climbing, we're itching for ice. We trash our ski bases on junk snow, then don't take advantage of the season's best conditions in late March and April 'cause we want warm rock... It's like we need to re-calibrate our seasonal aspirations about a month later, so we get the most out of each season. But no, we're not like that, and I'm out lusting after warm rock even though the ice hasn't melted out. I had hopes to get one more big ice rig done this season, but it has by all reports melted out, and, ah, I wanna go rock climbing... And fly my glider, and paddle my boat. In short, I'm fully over winter. OK, maybe a few ski turns on a warm spring morning when the corn is perfect, but I do not want to feel the claws of winter again. That said, this is Canada, and it can snow in August and probably will.

Happy Spring!!