Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Tour de France sucks

OK, this is a disgression from the normal mountain sports action--I really enjoyed watching the Tour de France this year. I don't even own a road bike anymore, I just like watching the Tour. It was a real race this year for the first time I've watched it, with many leader changes, lots of drama, everything a great sporting event should be. Watching Floyd Landis was pretty damn entertaining, especially after Lance Armstrong's "I am the ice man" routine. Floyd has a bit of country in him, a lot of the geeky bike guy, and a bit of everyman. His collapse and recovery in the Tour was spectacular and heart-warming, which makes the doping results all the more maddening. It's like getting done wrong by a friend--we all expect to get worked by used car salesmen so it's OK, but when a bud does you wrong it feels worse. I cheered for Floyd, and the bastard let me down. "Wait!", says Floyd, "the Tour is making a mistake!" Well, if he didn't cheat and is actually innocent then the Tour de France is a joke--it's either one or the other, and both smell like the ass-end of a rhino. Today the media is reporting that the testosterone found in Floyd isn't the same type his body produces, and that he was almost three times over the limit. If this were a drunk driving case he would have been way too drunk to open the door, never mind drive. It's not a borderline case anymore, so either Floyd was doped to his eyebrows or the Tour de France is making a horrendous mistake. Either way the Tour sucks. Maybe it's time to stop the charade of heart-warming victories and admit road racing is like body-building on 26-inch wheels. "Take all the drugs you want, let's see who can mix the right cocktail for today's stage! See a man ride with blood like honey from all the EPO! See quads explode on live TV!"

Tyler Hamilton says he's innocent also. Either these guys are con artists who have had their scams exposed, or drug testing is ridiculous. Either "truth" stinks.

We will now resume the mountain sports commentary...


I've been climbing a ton, Yoga, even starting to run again. For the last three weeks I've battled this sinus infection, it's just now totally clearing out. I'd forgotten what it was like to smell anything.

Will Gadd, drug-free but revved well past the sane limit on Red Bull.